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The UNCG Green Fund Committee is pleased to invite proposals from UNCG students and employees for efforts that support sustainability initiatives at UNCG.

Projects may be for campus infrastructure, sustainability education, research, or professional development that benefits students. The tangible benefits of all funded projects must be distributed in a manner that they are reasonably expected to accrue to UNCG students.

The committee only receives and reviews proposals during the academic calendar (September 1st through April 1st). The deadline for proposals requesting $1,000 or less is the 1st of any month by 5:00 p.m. Proposals for amounts over $1,000 are due at 5:00pm on November 1 and April 1. All times Eastern.

Applicants can expect a decision on the funding outcome of their proposal within six weeks after submission. Funds may not be used as reimbursement for projects already completed, and therefore a realistic amount of lead time should be given in order for proposals to be eligible for review.

Applicants must either be able to carry out their proposed activities on their own or have secured commitment from an appropriate campus unit sufficient as a partner in implementing the project, including all financial aspects. All proposals submitted by students must have a commitment from a UNCG department to supervise the proposed project. Commitments from partnering units must be evidenced by a signature on proposals. Carrying out a project includes ensuring that the project follows all applicable campus policies and procedures for student fee monies as well as any State and Federal laws, including but not limited to ensuring the Green Fund student fee monies are not commingled with university general operating funds and that full documentation of expenditures are assembled for financial auditing purposes.

Any proposal for modifications to campus grounds or facilities go through the Facilities Design & Construction (FDC) review process prior to making an application to the Green Fund. In that process, FDC staff will bring into the project review process appropriate staff from Facilities Operations, Environmental Health & Safety, Parking Operations, etc. who can help identify issues, solutions, opportunities, and costs. This process can potentially take several months from start to finish for even the smallest scale projects. Fund applicants should plan accordingly. FDC project review and construction services fees may be included in project budgets.

Green Fund Committee

Isaac Dannenberg

Social Work
Student Government Association, Secretary of Environmental Affairs

I am involved with the Green Fund through the Student Government Association where I serve as the Secretary of Environmental Affairs. As someone who has grown up being taught of the importance of sustainability, being a part of the Green Fund allows me to put what I have been taught into action.

Hannah Ely

Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Environmental sustainability is one of my greatest passions. The time for change in regards to the way we treat our planet is now, and education plays a large role in facilitating that change. I was drawn to the Green Fund because it serves as a great way for UNCG students to gain experience with navigating some of the issues our environment faces on a small scale and gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact on our campus!

Marc Keith (Co-Chair)

Ph.D. Candidate, English
I appreciate the Green Fund for its interdisciplinary nature. By bringing together students, faculty, and staff, the Green Fund is an excellent example of how a strong sense of community can lead to tangible and positive change.

Gia Sorenson

Ph.D. Candidate, English
I have enjoyed this unique opportunity to have a practical and tangible environmental impact on UNCG’s campus and I am particularly proud of the fund’s commitment to pedagogy. I believe that education is the key for a sustainable future and I am pleased that every year we have funded projects that help teach students and community members more about sustainability and environmentalism.

Will Queen

Ph.D. Candidate, Economics
There are many ways in which UNCG can become more sustainable, bringing benefits to its students, the university, the community, and the environment. I'm involved with the Green Fund because strategic funding of sustainability-related projects is a necessary first step towards realizing these benefits.

Brandon Watt

Peace and Conflict Studies; Minor: Women and Gender Studies
RHA VP of Community Outreach and Advocacy

My interest in the Green Fund stems from my interest in being an advocate for a stronger community. As the RHA liaison, I advocate for a greener campus to assist in RHA’s mission of “Making Halls into Homes” and to better reflect the best interests of the residential students. Throughout the history of the Green Fund, they’ve assisted in numerous sustainability initiatives in building a greener community at UNC Greensboro.

T’Shari White (Co-Chair)

Ph.D. Candidate, Geography
I am involved with Green Fund because I believe in this organization’s goals in making UNCG a sustainable campus. Sustainable living and usage is important for all members of this university and for the necessary improvement of our natural and built environment.